PJ har varit ute vid trailsen en hel del och hjälpt till med att höja startrampen lite. Kommer nog bli bra det här! För övrigt går det rykten om att PJ ska börja blogga. Får man gissa på att det kommer bli en blogg om mat? Här är mästaren in action.

21 svar på ”Startramp”

  1. jävlar i havet. wicked. jag tror jag håller mig till grillen nästa gång jag hälsar på haha=D

  2. Hahaha! Grillen är alltid igång där ute nowadays. du får titta förbi snart igen och hänga.

  3. rille>> den har hängt på internet typ ett år(?) sjukt långsökt reklamfilm för bmw hehehe

  4. Scamp, 10.58 hereI’d rather not play the game; I find it a bit daft when most of the suggestions are from anonymous people so have no real merit. In my eyes, all that’s been achieved is a massaging of egos of creatives who already think they are fucking great anyway.

  5. Julio / Tanto vc no seu texto como o cidadão aí em cima exemplificaram bem porque essa convivência entre pessoas de crenças diferentes é tão dificil, ninguém consegue respeitar a crença do outro o tempo todo até porque, para fazer isso você precisa conhecer bem a crença do outro, com o conhecimento raso sobre o assunto você acaba desrespeitando até sem querer, o que não é o caso do cidadão a cima, mas é o caso de quem considera que ateu é seguidor do demo.

  6. Condor: I have written tens of thousands of words on those very subjects. Start with my Eurabia Code, which is available online. The fact that you have not read this reveals that you are lazy in addition to being ignorant. Read my stuff first. Come back when you have done so. Otherwise, you are a troll and should be treated as such.

  7. In addition to the ones i emailed you eariler ive though of a few more you could check out Burton Troop, Salomon Lark, O-Matic Benatar. Hope this helps, Good luck.

  8. Ciao ragazzi, bellissimo sito d’informazione, lavoro fatto egregiamente!Riguardo l’Argentina volevo chiedervi: dove potrei trovare una classifica aggiornata del Promedio?Grazie e buon proseguimento!

  9. “The middle class will be dead within 10 years…victims of our own stupidity and denial, even as TPTB wage open war against us.”This is an accurate statement that most folks have yet to come to grips with. The timing is debatable. 10 years is optimistic.

  10. Why is that right-wing as opposed to neutral?I find it very ambiguous as regards any slant.PS how you doing re a comment on the secret 2006 CMEP meeting? Any bias to be found in that particular branch of BBC political activity anywhere?   7 likes

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