rigmund den CCCLX!

rigmund den CCCLX!

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  3. Hang in there! It is hard for us to find our voice in the beginning and just like anyone after a night of screaming at a football game…after a good blog run sometimes we get a little crackly in the throat! Your voice will come back! Give it time!

  4. i could go on and write a million words in response to this, but i'll spare you my babble.thank you for posting this. i really do hope people read this and realize putting people down particularly in anonymity is bastardry in its purist form.you are one of my favorite bloggers and you have just become my favorite person of the day.

  5. „Ludzkość być może siÄ™ dostosuje sama bez wstrzÄ…sów. Ale musi to i tak zrobić.”Åšwietnie, ale po co w takim razie urzÄ™dowe kwoty na dzieci i bodźce fiskalne (Klub Rzymski) lub sterylizacja (Ehrlich, Szwecja)?

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